Summit at Sunrise!

WOW! I expected the sunrise from the summit of Mt. Washington to be awesome, but it blew my expectations out of the water! We couldn’t have selected a better day for it. After some yard work on Saturday, we headed up to NH at 6PM, we stopped for dinner and then arrived at Pinkham Notch around 11:30PM. Here we met Shawn, Dave, and Noam. They were just as syked as we were about the climb so we got on our way at 12:15AM. We cruised up the rock strewn Tuckerman Ravine Trail to the junction of Lions Head Trail. We selected this trail because it gets you above treeline quickly. As we popped out of the trees we were greeted by a cloudless sky and super bright stars.

Stars in a clear sky

While climbing to Lions Head, the first streak of light from the impending sunrise lit the horizon.

First sign of sunrise

We climbed to Lions Head where we took a good break and snapped some more photos and got some water and food. The race was on though, so we packed up and headed for the summit. The sky was getting brighter by the minute as we crossed the Alpine Garden.

Crossing the Alpine Garden

At this point I slowed down with one climber as the others raced to the summit. We caught the sunrise about 150ft below the summit,

Just before the sun popped over the horizon

Sunrise from high on Mt. Washington!

The others made the summit with only a few minutes to spare. Their hard work and fast pace was rewarded.

The first people in New England to be hit by the sun on May 27th- Summit of Mt. Washington

Shawn on the Summit!

The descent felt long and arduous, which I blame on the lack of sleep. We had been awake for a full 24 hours at that point and we had a good 4 hour descent ahead of us. Despite being exhausted, we were in great spirits.

Noam hanging out at Lions Head with Tuckermans behind him.

We reached the bottom after 10 hours of climbing and 28 hours of being awake. What else was there to do but nap..

Napping on the lawn of Pinkham Notch on a beautiful day!

Post nap, we took a group photo and headed to the Moat Mountain Brewery for some burgers before driving home.

Group Shot: Hannah, Noam, Brett, Corey, Shawn, Dave

A climb to remember full of incredible sights, good exercise, and even better company!
Oh.. and did I mention… Dave’s shoes disintegrated and he lost the souls on both feet but persisted in reaching the summit and back down without a complaint.. That’s serious determination.