Hiking Up Katahdin with Ryan Gibbs

Written for and featured on Icelantic Skis

Back in Ryan Gibbs, an east coast Icelantic Ambassador and crew took their annual trip up to Katahdin and brought along a DSLR documenting their travels. Photographer Forrest Frizzell-Lenka Flaherty snapped the pics and the rest is history. Here’s how the trip unfolded…

Ryan, still nursing a broken hand, and company left their day jobs for over a week to set off for their annual week long ski mountaineering expedition looking to tackle the biggest lines the east coast has to offer. Katahdin’s remoteness coupled with stringent park regulations help keep this pristine wilderness the way Percival Baxter intended. The crew of 4 set off for the Chimney Pond Bunkhouse with pulks full of supplies for the week long mission. The road is normally open in the summer, but is closed to public use by vehicle or snow machine in the winter. 16 miles and 2200ft later you arrive at the bunkhouse, a 10 person cabin complete with wood stove and some meddlesome local Pine Marten.

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