Welcome to the Northeast Mountaineering Ambassador Team!

As a vital member of our team, you are a steward of the White Mountains and the Outdoor Industry as a whole. We recognize that you are already inspiring others around you and we value your talents and outdoor pursuits. We strive to not only promote Northeast Mountaineering as a guide service but more importantly, tell stories through images and words to inspire, educate and entertain a large audience of outdoor enthusiasts. As a team, we strive to raise the profile of the White Mountains on a national level to increase tourism as well as promote the healthy outdoor lifestyle we have all grown accustomed to. As individuals, we can only reach a limited audience, but as a team, the possibilities are limitless!

MISSION: The Ambassador Team at Northeast Mountaineering is comprised of hikers, climbers, mountaineers, skiers, photographers, videographers, writers, and outdoor enthusiasts who strive to inspire, educate and entertain by telling stories of the White Mountains and beyond. By sharing images and words, we aim to raise the profile of the White Mountains and promote tourism to our region. In addition, we hope to educate and help other outdoor enthusiasts when they are in need.



An NEM Ambassadors job is quite simple, but extremely valuable.

  • Wear your NEM swag proudly when you are on your outdoor adventures.
  • Promote NEM as a guide service and recommend our services to friends, family and other outdoor enthusiast you may cross paths with.
  • Share awesome photos and video of your adventures on social media to inspire, educate and/or entertain.
  • Tag @northeastmountaineering, #nemguides, and #mountainstrong in your social media posts.
  • Embark on epic adventures and document them.
  • Tell your stories and create great content of the White Mountain area to help raise the profile of our piece of paradise.
  • Assist other hikers, climbers, paddlers etc. while in the outdoors. Especially when wearing NEM swag and promoting NEM.



As an NEM Ambassador, you will enjoy several perks, which include:

  • Complimentary guided adventures on an annual basis within the White Mountains. (Pre-set departures of Rock Climbing, Waterfall Rappelling, Ice Climbing and more).
  • Complimentary guided climbs in the Cascades and other locations throughout the country.
  • Discounted rates to stay at the Bunkhouse at Northeast Mountaineering. $10 per night.
  • Complimentary NEM Swag.
  • NEM guides as a resource of information.
  • Complimentary training days with NEM to learn new skills.



We trust you with the Northeast Mountaineering name and reputation. Please keep this in mind when you share your stories. Illicit content, negativity, unprofessional demeanor and compromising the NEM reputation cannot be tolerated. Let’s keep the mountains wild, but please keep these points in mind when you are posting your stories on social media.

  • Keep the content upbeat, inspiring, and encouraging.
  • Ask yourself, will this post inspire, educate or entertain? It should satisfy at least one of these.
  • Use the highest quality images and video as possible.
  • No arguments or unprofessional demeanor while wearing NEM swag.
  • RSVP to the complimentary training and guide days and follow through as we have to pay our guides for their work.
  • Please do not promote competing guide services in your social media content.
  • Nudity or partial nudity is not allowed while promoting NEM.
  • Illicit language is not allowed while promoting NEM.
  • Content involving or alluding to the use of illegal substances is not allowed while promoting NEM.
  • Do not get caught up in negativity in forums and on social media. You are encouraged to share your knowledge as well as share a well thought out opinion, however petty arguments in these venues will not be tolerated.
  • You are a valuable piece of our outdoor community! Keep being awesome, document your adventures and continue to inspire those around you!



    Stay up to date and recommend meet ups with other ambassadors and the NEM team.


    Calling all talented writers, photographers and creatives with a passion for the outdoors to join our Brand Ambassador Team.





    These files are for your personal use. DO NOT alter the files in anyway [i.e. color, size, proportions].