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The enigmatic events surrounding the 1924 deaths of two British mountaineers on Mt. Everest is, to this day, the Greatest Unsolved Mystery in mountaineering history.

On June 8, 1924, British climbers George Mallory, 38, and his young partner, Andrew Irvine, 22, were last glimpsed by their team-mate—Noel Odell—within a thousand feet of Mt. Everest’s summit. The clouds swirled back in, and the pair were never seen again. Did Mallory alone, or both men, reach the top of Mt. Everest a full 29 years before Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay attained the summit in 1953?

Generations of mountaineers—and armchair speculators—have questioned and postulated on Mallory & Irvine’s summit success. Equally important: What was the pair’s actual fate? How did Mallory & Irvine die? Precisely where on the peak did each man perish—and what caused the fatal accident, or accidents, that doomed them? In 1999, George Mallory body was found at 27,000 feet on Mt. Everest, but no camera and film—or Andrew Irvine’s body—have ever been located.

Now Everest climber, New England mountaineer, and climbing historian Ed Webster tells us, using all the latest evidence, WHAT, in fact, probably HAPPENED! Don’t miss this fascinating presentation of High-Altitude “Sherloch Holmes-ing” and Mystery-solving on the World’s Highest Mountain. Ed Webster has obtained the ORIGINAL 1924 Mt. Everest photographs, the archival pictures taken by Mallory, Irvine, and their partners on Everest to illustrate his lecture, along with his own magnificent images, in his efforts to decipher mountain climbing’s longest-standing, and still unsolved, mystery.


When: March 12
Time: 6PM Start
Where: Legends Room
Eastern Slope Inn
North Conway, NH


Included with ticket purchase is admission to the presentation by mountaineering & historian Ed Webster. Refreshments & Pizza from Flatbread will be served. Additional beverages will be available for purchase from the bar.


Age 59, lives in Harpswell, Maine with his wife and daughter. A highly-accomplished lecturer, author, and photojournalist, Webster has been published worldwide, written over fifty magazine articles, and five books. These include three editions of his classic guidebook, Rock Climbs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, plus his best-selling “Everest years” autobiography, Snow in the Kingdom, My Storm Years on Everest.

A veteran of seven Himalayan expeditions and the pioneer of extreme rock climbs in New England, Colorado and Utah, Ed Webster is one of America’s most well-known rock climbers and Himalayan mountaineers. His hardest challenge was his fabled first ascent of a brand new route up Mt. Everest’s remote and dangerous Kangshung East Face in Tibet (as told in his forthcoming book Everest - The Last Pure Ascent) as part of an international 4-man team in 1988, without using the norms of oxygen bottles and radios, or even Sherpa assistance. A climb since hailed as “The Last of the Great Everest Expeditions”— and among the most audacious mountaineering feats of all time. Ed Webster is the only New England mountaineer who has pioneered a new route up Mt. Everest.


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