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Although much shorter than the Presidential Traverse, a traverse of the Franconia Ridge is a challenging undertaking. Once above tree line we will be exposed to the same weather as the Presidentials. Traversing the mile-long knife-edge ridge from the summit Mt. Lafayette to the summit of Mt. Lincoln is unforgettable. This is a great trip for those who are short on time but want a full-on hiking experience. Participants should be in good physical condition with prior hiking experience.


 What To Know


Length: 1 Day
Guide-to-Client Ratio: 1:4
Difficulty: Strenuous
When: May-November
Type: Hiking


1 person: $200 per person
2 people: $150 per person
3 people: $130 per person
4 people: $120 per person
5+people: Call for rates


For your convenience, we climb 7 days per week in season.

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 Important Info

What Should I Wear?

When considering clothing, you have to think in layers. You should be able to wear every layer that you bring at the same time. Hiking boots or sturdy trail-runners are acceptable footwear. Dressing in layers is a valid practice. You will need: lightweight wool socks, trekking pants, wicking t-shirt, wicking long sleeve shirt, light down or synthetic jacket, waterproof hard-shell jacket, waterproof hard shell pants (for rainy and windy days), lightweight gloves, warm hat and sunglasses. For time spent at camp, you may want to include synthetic base-layers.

What Size Backpack Should I Use?

Please bring a 55L-65L pack. Your pack must have a waist strap and chest strap and designed for backpacking.

Will kind of footwear should I wear?

Hiking Boots or Trail Runners.

Do I need any prior experience?

You do not need prior experience to join us! We will be sure to take your experience level into consideration when planning which route we will attempt.

Can you recommend backpacking routes for me?

We would be happy to recommend the appropriate route for you based on your goals, comfort level and experience level. Feel free to contact us for a recommendation.

Do we hike in bad weather?

We usually will go out in the rain. Lightning will reschedule or end our adventure. Please plan for all weather conditions. We may just alter the plan based on the weather forecast.

Will we need traction?

We should not see any snow or ice on our backpacking routes. If Microspikes are needed, we will provide them.

How Long are the hikes?

Completely up to you! We can arrange a backpack with 4 hour days or 8 hour days. The difficulty can be modified accordingly.

What if our route ends in a different place than it started?

We will utilize the cars of our guides and your car and place a car at the finish point. This is usually done the night before your adventure.

Am I supposed to tip my guide(s)?

Tips are never expected, however if you think your guide did a great job, tips are welcomed and appreciated. A normal tip is 20% of the guide fees or $20 per guide per day.

What happens if I damage my rental gear?

We offer rental gear insurance for $10. This covers any damage or loss that may occur to your rental gear. Without the insurance, you are responsible for the lost or damaged item(s).

How can I pay for Rental Gear?

We accept all forms of payment including cash, personal check, credit and debit cards. Rentals must be paid for beforehand or on the day of the climb.

Where should I stay the night before/after my adventure?

We recommend The Bunkhouse at Northeast Mountaineering. For your convenience, we offer co-ed, hostel-style accommodations on site. The cost is $30 per person. To maximize your outdoor experience, we recommend that you stay in the area the night before your trip.

Is there a deposit to reserve my spot on an adventure??

Due to the nature of our business, we require payment in full upon booking. Large groups are encouraged to contact us prior to booking as deposits are accepted. You will also need to complete a health form and liability waiver to participate.

Will there be people that I do not know on my adventure?

Unless you book a private climb, you will most likely be climbing with others. Don’t worry though…climbing creates bonds and friendships.

Where and when do we meet?

All NEM hiking and backpacking programs meet at 8AM sharp at The Bunkhouse at Northeast Mountaineering, which is 1 mile north of Storyland on Rt. 16 in Glen, NH.
Our goal is to make your mountain adventure as memorable and comfortable as possible. To do this, you must be properly prepared. We provide all of the technical gear that you will need for an awesome adventure. However, we ask that you please bring your own clothing. When selecting clothing for your adventure, choose synthetic wicking materials. For your convenience, we have the mandatory gear available for rent! We also have a small selection of clothing available for rent if you are missing anything listed above. Upon completion of registration, you will receive a welcome packet via email with a gear rental form that you will complete and return to reserve the gear you need for you adventure!

Mandatory Items

Guides Pick
[  ] Pack with Waist Strap: A 3000 cu. in. pack is the recommended size for one day climbs. Your pack MUST have a waist strap. A backpack will not suffice. Camp M4
[  ] Light Insulating Layer: This item becomes of highest importance when we are faced with poor weather. This should be an insulating jacket that extends well below the waist and above the knees. Goose down is recommended versus synthetic fill. It does not have to be waterproof, but that is a nice feature. Recommended that this layer has an insulated hood.
[  ] Headlamp: Petzl Tikka XP2
[  ] Trekking Poles: Optional but recommended. Lightweight and collapsible. Camp Backcountry Carbon
[  ] Hiking Boots: Sturdy hiking boots or shoes with good soles are mandatory. Sneakers or sandals will not suffice.
[  ] Sun Glasses: A pair of dark-lensed sunglasses with side shields or full wrap-type sunglasses. Julbo Dolgan
[  ] Hardshell Jacket: Goretex outer layer to block rain and wind. Marmot Precip
[  ] Hardshell Pants: Goretex outer layer to block rain and wind. Marmot Precip



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NEMs Adventure itineraries are subject to change or be adjusted based on a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to, route conditions, weather, terrain, group dynamics and many other factors. NEM has complete discretion to change plans to accommodate any of these or other factors, including the discretion to change program schedule or itinerary, and change guides or staff, as necessary for the proper and safe conduct of the program. We reserve the right to cancel any program due to inadequate signups, weather or route conditions. In such a case, an NEM credit for the full value is given; however, NEM cannot be responsible for any additional expenses incurred in preparing for the program (i.e., airline tickets, equipment purchase or rental, hotel reservations). NEM reserves the right to dismiss the Participant from a trip at any time if NEM determines, in its sole discretion, that the Participant is not physically, technically, or psychologically prepared for or capable of participating in the program. This includes being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.


Northeast Mountaineering cannot guarantee that you will reach the summit or complete the objective you have signed up for. Weather, route conditions, your own abilities or the abilities of others may create circumstances that make an ascent unsafe, and you or your entire party will have to turn around without reaching the summit. Your program fee entitles you to one mountain experience on your specified dates.


Most of our programs do not have a minimum enrollment. If you are the only one registered, it will likely become a private outing. For our Waterfall Rappelling adventure, we must have at least 50% enrollment (3 people) to run the adventure. In the event of low-enrollment, we will reschedule your adventure to another date. If another date cannot be accommodated, you will receive an NEM credit.


Safety is NEM’s number one priority. Our guides manage significant hazards inherent in the mountains but they cannot eliminate them. NEM guides draw from their wealth of experience and training to make sound decisions that maximize your experience without compromising the necessary margin of safety. Please clearly understand that mountaineering and all other mountain adventures are inherently hazardous sports. You are choosing to engage in an activity in which participants have been injured and killed. While those accidents are indeed infrequent, they may occur at any time and be out of our control. We ask that participants acknowledge the risk and hazards of these sports, and make their own choices about whether or not to engage in these activities.


Payment in full is due at the time of booking. Payments may be made via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or check.


A non-refundable deposit of $200 per person secures your reservation but may vary - please check your specific adventure. Payments may be made via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or check. Final payment is due 1 month [30 days] before departure. For your convenience, we can work out a monthly payment plan.


A non-refundable deposit of $200 per person secures your reservation but may vary - please check your specific adventure. Payments may be made via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or check. Final payment is due 1 month [30 days] before departure. For your convenience, we can work out a monthly payment plan.


Up to 30 days before your adventure: Full Refund will be issued 29 days - 72 hours before your adventure: Full Refund in the form of NEM credit Within 72 hours of your adventure: No refund will be issued* In the event that you have a positive COVID-19 test and need to cancel within 72 hours, you will be issued an NEM credit for your adventure.


Up to 90 days before your adventure: Full Refund will be issued 89 days - 30 days before your adventure: Participant will be responsible for paying 50% of the total balance. If the balance is paid in full, participant will receive a 50% refund in the form of NEM credit. Within 30 days of your adventure: No refund will be issued and participant will be responsible for paying the full balance.* *Travel Insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment. If NEM cancels your adventure due to weather or another unforeseen reason, you will receive an NEM credit.


Date changes are subject to availability. Date changes may be requested at anytime up to 7 days prior to your adventure without incurring a date change fee. Date changes may be requested between 7 and 3 days prior to your departure date for a $25 fee per person. There are no date changes allowed within 72 hours before your adventure.


In the event your guide or a fellow NEM guide or staff has reason to believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 or they are otherwise feeling unwell they will attempt to get a COVID test in time for your adventure or course. In the event of a positive test or the absence of results,  your course or adventure will be rescheduled or you can opt for an NEM credit to use at your discretion. Refunds for travel, lodging or other costs associated with your adventure will not be refunded or reimbursed.