Map Building in the 21st Century

Traditional navigation techniques using map, compass, altimeters and other navigational tools are vital to safe recreation in the backcountry. But in the 21st century, the age of technology, there are extremely powerful, digital tools that supplement traditional practices. This one day course utilizes and the Avenza app to put you in the driver seat to building advanced maps so you can unlocking new terrain. We'll cover the basic elements of these digital tools as well as get into more advanced features so you can plan tours from the comfort of your home and execute when the conditions are right. Granite Backcountry Alliance will be utilizing these GPS enabled maps for their glade zones. This is your chance to learn the skills to make the most out of the new glades!


January 25, 2020

8AM - 11AM


Technology: Laptop Computer, Smart Phone
Programs & Apps: Internet access, Avenza App


FREE for Otto Rd Participants


Great Glen Trails

1 Mt Washington Auto Rd. Gorham, NH 03581

Navigation Workshop 8AM-11AM

Building Enhanced Maps and Interfacing with Avenza PDF

  • Generate GPS enabled, topographic maps of any location in the world
  • Customize the look and feel of your maps to suit your desired needs
  • Share maps with friends and family instantly

Instructional Objectives

  1. Introduction to
    • Discover map layers and customization
    • Adding identifying markers, images, etc.
    • Print to geospatial PDF
  2. Introduction to Avenza
    • Discover multiple methods for importing maps
    • Understanding the interface
    • Uncover the limitations and capabilities
    • Share maps with others
  3. Import .gpx and .kml files
    • Benefit from others hard work. Utilize their tracks to enhance your tour plan. How to import GBA glade maps.
  4. Integrating the Two
    • Working Session: Build A Map


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