This Car Climbed Mt. Washington

Bumper Sticker

If you are from New England then you must have seen this bumper sticker way too many times. Stuck to the back of cars, New England natives and tourists alike flaunt the fact that their car climbed Mt. Washington. Very impressive; except that your ascent is polluted by car exhaust, traffic and terrible music on the radio. You complete miss the real beauty of Mt. Washington traveling in a car.

Get out and climb!

In the summer months, take advantage of the numerous huts and camping platforms that make multi-day ascents possible. Capture the silence of isolation, the beauty of wild flowers and natural lakes, and experience the tremendous pride that accompanies a successful ascent of Mt. Washington…not in a car.

Mt. Washington Observatory has recorded some of the harshest weather ever recorded worldwide. If you are looking for a winter hobby, a weekend get away, or just a reason to leave the house, hire Northeast Mountaineering to guide you to the top of Mt. Washington. Trust us, you won’t regret it! This adventure poses tremendous physical and mental challenges but is unforgettable.

The next time you see a bumper sticker that reads: “This car climbed Mt. Washington,” you can find peace and pride knowing that YOU successfully and safely summited Mt. Washington.