Winter Is Here In The White Mountains and On Mt. Washington

Winter conditions are upon us in the Mt. Washington Valley [MWV]. Although there isn’t any snow in the valley, an occasional dusting here and there, the higher summits are snow covered! We went on a scouting trip to Huntington Ravine a few days ago to check conditions of the trails and ice. There is approximately 6 inches of snow on Tuckerman’s Ravine trail – up in to the Ravines. The ice is thin but some of the Gullies and routes, such as Odelles and Damnation are climbable. To date, they are more mixed climbs than ice routes but none the less climbable.

‘Tis the best time of year as the holidays are upon us! Who’s looking forward to Thanksgiving and copious amounts of food?! I am! It is a time to give thanks. We are thankful for the White Mountains, nature and getting outside for some fresh air and to disconnect from the chaos of normal life! Most importantly, we are thankful for you – our clients and friends! Thank you for your patronage.

It is the perfect time to start planning your winter activities and start purchasing gifts for your friends and family. We would be honored to guide you on a NEM adventure this winter. Our gift to you this holiday season is the gift of savings! Purchase and NEM adventure online and use the promo code ‘HOLIDAYGIFT30’ at checkout and save 30% off your total purchase.

May you all have a safe and happy holiday season. We strongly urge you to get outside this winter, whether it is on an NEM guided climb or a winter walk with your pet!

Happy holidays.