Why Outdoor Adventure is the Ultimate Holiday Gift

The holiday season is back in full swing and if you are like me, you are still buying gifts (or just starting). I am now at the age where a new pair of jeans, or a new gadget is always appreciated but it’s not quite the gift I want to give someone I care about. Typically, if someone asks for an item, I disregard it in order to keep the surprise factor and hopefully squeeze some emotion from them. Most material things get used for a year or two and then they get upgraded, discarded, or lost. It’s pretty hard to lose the memories of an experience. I am always on the hunt for gifts that will create memories, create quality time with friends and family, and allow them to experience something they may not otherwise experience. This is where outdoor adventure comes in…NEM

The benefits of sharing an outdoor adventure with your friends or family are endless! I have countless memories from adventures, road trips, vacations, and activities that I have done with my family and friends.I have also unintentionally created lasting friendships from sharing adventures. This is the year you can get your friends and family outdoors to try something new! Head out into the National Forest for some laid back snowshoeing, amp it up for some ice climbing or head into the alpine zone on Mt. Washington! Whatever you choose as a gift this holiday season, make sure you are creating memories, experiences, and maybe even new friendships!

…And wouldn’t you know, we just so happen to offer gift certificates! Give us a call or email for that last minute gift! We can email it to you the same day.