Good Vibes

We have been getting some really awesome feedback lately from our recent climbers! Check some of the kind words that were sent our way!!

“We had a great trek! We use this trip as an invitation only, high achievement event for the strongest and most capable Boy Scouts in our troop. Our guides did an excellent job of creating the right balance of challenge and safety. At one point, one of the Scouts needed a little extra encouragement. I really appreciated how the guides kept the Scout positively motivated and kept the whole trek on schedule. The guides establish a great rapport where everyone could learn from the guides’ extensive knowledge without ever feeling intimidated.
Late in our trek, we came upon a group with a teenager who injured or broken his leg in a fall. Our guides jumped in and provided first aid until the medical evacuation team arrived. It was a textbook example of providing wilderness first aid. I hate to see someone get hurt, but I was happy the see the Scouts observe first hand the correct way to respond to such an emergency.
Corey and team made this an excellent trip that will provide the Scouts with great memories of reaching the summit of Mount Washington!”

“Had an awesome time on our climbing trip. Both guides were very professional and confident in what they were doing as well as very informative. I will absolutely recommend this organization to my friends and family. Looking forward to climbing with you guys again.”

“This trip was given to me as a Christmas gift and hands down it is one of the best gifts that I have ever gotten. From the start to finish my entire experience was awesome. We were running late coming up from New York City and had called to let Corey know this, he could not have been more understanding (or easier to get a hold of at 10:30 on a Friday night) letting us know we could come in when we finally got there no problem. The first day of climbing was a breathtaking experience, neither of us had ever been ice climbing before (we had some experience rock climbing) and Sam and Coby could not have made the experience more enjoyable. They dropped ropes for us and had all of us climbing within minutes, despite our lack of experience. Having taught sailing for many years I know that the best way to learn is often to throw your right into this, just as Sam and Coby did and I could not have agreed more that this was the way to learn. Despite our large group they managed to work with all of us one-on-one, teaching us the right techniques and ensuring our safety, while coaching us and encouraging us when we were succeeding. The hike in and out on day one was also very enjoyable as they stopped to show us the different well known routes and explained to us how they ranked in difficulty.
After getting back to the bunkhouse we all went our own ways for dinner. When we got back I really enjoyed the at home feel that NEM had created in encouraging guests to BYOB and sit around getting to know each other.
I have to say that without-a-doubt day two was the best part of this whole trip. Anthony could not have been a better or more welcoming guide ready to take us out. Despite a minor mishap (forgetting our harnesses at the bunkhouse) the day from start to finish was awesome, he simply laughed this off and said it was not the first time. On our way to Cathedral he asked both of us what we wanted to work on that day and what we had learned from the day before and thought might be the hardest part. He talked about his own experiences climbing and we learned how much we all had in common, something that I was not necessarily expecting. His stories were fascinating and I know made both of us look at ice climbing and outdoor sports in a new light, and one that makes us ready to come back for sure. Once climbing he took the time to come up alongside of us and coach us individually making sure that we learned a lot that day. He mentioned that his desire was to teach us and give us a great base to work from should we want to continue, and I can say that he more than succeeded at this. He managed to light a fire in both of us where we can’t wait to come back again next winter and maybe even earlier for other adventures. He could not have been more approachable or eager to help us learn and complete the climb, and I think that he was just as excited as we were when we summited, something that I really enjoyed because he was that into it with us. While he could have easily ended the day after we finished climbing, he offered to hike with us to the top of the cliff and show us the views of the valley. This was another awesome adventure that went beyond what he was asked to do. Anthony could have easily turned back once we finished with ice climbing, but he really seemed to enjoy working with us and want to share his knowledge and love for the sport and outdoors, something that we both couldn’t turn down…
My experience with NEM is one that I know I will recommend to everyone I know. I couldn’t wait to get back and tell them all about it and how great the guides were. I can’t wait to come back again next season.”

Thanks for all of the love guys! We love what we do and we do our very best to provide an exceptional experience!