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Explore Your Mountain Through Trail Adoption


The network of historic, scenic hiking trails in New Hampshire’s White Mountains is vast – with more than 1,200 miles of rocky paths leading to granite-topped summits, pristine ponds, and remote wilderness areas.

Some routes, such as Davis Path and Crawford Path, are among the oldest hiking trails in the United States. Others, like the rugged landslides of Tripyramid Trail and Flume Slide Trail, are products of nature – marked with the purpose of indicating clear, albeit painfully steep, paths of ascent.

Scaur Ridge Trail and Mount Tripyramid

Scaur Ridge Trail and Mount Tripyramid

Due to the number of footpaths in the White Mountains, organizations such as the Appalachian Mountain Club and the US Forest Service depend on work from volunteers to help clear and maintain many of their trails. They are always looking for help! Continue reading