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Stay Hydrated: Katadyn BeFree Review

You know how imperative staying hydrated is in the backcountry or on your favorite adventure. The tools to do so keep evolving. Here’s some insight into the latest.

When I first got into hiking and backpacking I would carry an MSR Sweetwater pump style water filter. This type of filters uses a lever/plunger assembly and tubing to filtrate the water through a carbon filter for drinking. While they do work really well for filtering gross dirty water in a fast manner, they are relatively bulky and heavy particularly if you’re a solo hiker or trail runner with a small pack. This eventually led me to purchasing a Sawyer Mini water filter which has become EXTREMELY popular in the hiking and trail running communities. Due to it’s tiny size and lightweight it’s become a staple of the ultralight packing list. However, it does have some downsides.

So, what other options are out there? Continue reading