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Top 5 Beginner Winter 4000 Footers In New Hampshire

Not long ago, A friend of mine asked which 4000 footer should he tackle as his first winter 4k peak. He already had his winter equipment figured out from local lower elevation hikes like Mount Monadnock. He is also a decently experienced “fair-weather hiker” looking to extend into the winter months.

That’s a tough question to answer! So, I decided to write this article about it. I tried to approach this as a progressive 5 step program instead of just listing off the easiest 4000 footers. If I could do it all over how would I plan it? I’d Start off easy, and lead into the tougher stuff to round it out. It’s important to remember that this is purely my opinion! So here they are, the top 5 winter 4000 footers for beginners winter hikers. Continue reading