Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Climbing

Please read through the following frequently asked questions and answers. These will help you prepare for your trip and get a better understanding of what to expect. Thanks!

What time does the program begin?

We will meet at 8AM at our bunkhouse in Bartlett, NH unless otherwise stated. We will take 30 minutes to outfit you with any rental gear you need and head out to the cliffs.

What gear is needed for Ice Climbing?

The mandatory items include mountaineering boots, crampons, ice tools, harness, helmet, backpack, food, water, and proper clothing. The gear rental package costs $79 and includes crampons, ice tools, harness, gaiters and helmet.

Will hiking or winter boots work?

Unfortunately no. You will need proper mountaineering boots for ice climbing.

How long do we climb for?

We usually arrive at the cliff between 9AM and 9:30AM. We will arrive back at the bunkhouse around 3PM depending on what climb we do.

What should I wear?

Please come dressed in appropriate clothing. Layering is the best practice in the outdoors as it allows you to manage your body temperature. You can check out our “Equipment List” for more info. Be sure to have an extra warm jacket for when you are belaying.

Is it safe?

Ice climbing can be very safe when conducted properly, especially top-roping. Our guides are trained to mitigate the dangers of falling ice and other inherent hazards.

How difficult is it to ice climb?

The difficulty of the climb can be varied depending on your experience level and goals for the day.

How many people are in a group?

We offer a maximum ratio of 6 clients per guide for top-rope climbing and a maximum of 2 clients per guide for multi-pitch climbs.

Are there age restrictions?

As long as you are approved for vigorous activity and/or you have a parent/guardian signature and you fit into the harness and mountaineering boots, you are welcome to join us!