Winter returns to Mt. Washington

Well, we have had the past two weekends off and I feel like we haven’t been on Mt. Washington in ages! We’ll be busy in April and May, though as we are running climbs just about every weekend. After a week or so of record breaking temps, the mountain has returned to a winter-like pattern of sub zero temperatures and high winds. Just in time for us to go back! Its a good thing too, as our last few climbs resembled summer, not winter.

In the meantime, we have kept ourselves busy on the rocks in Massachusetts. We have gotten out onto the cliffs several times in the past week and with mild temperatures and no rain, this week looks like climbing weather too! Come on out and see what rock climbing is all about, or improve your skills on the cliffs of Crow Hill or Rose Ledges.

We have also posted a trip to Ecuador this summer. This promises to be an amazing trip at an unbeatable price. Feel free to send us any questions you have regarding it. Hopefully our next post will be from the summit of Mt. Washington again!

Early Season Climbing