Free Yourself to Find Happiness

Go! Because, why not? Because, all we have is experience. We have one perspective – and if we don’t face the unknown then it will never change.

“It seems to me that when you free yourself from a single idea of what makes a life, you open up possibilities. And when you embrace the life you have, you open up to happiness.” –Brett Houle

Have you heard of the magazine Iron & Air – The motorcycle and the places it takes you? I am fortunate to call the publisher, Brett Houle, a good friend. We share a strong bond through our love of the mountains [specifically the White Mountains of New Hampsire]. His magazine is editorial perfection. Even though I don’t ride motorcycles (yet), I am captivated by the human need to expand our horizons – so elegantly displayed through word and image in Iron & Air.

It seems to me that humans desperately need to push the limits, explore our ceilings and challenge familiarity. Time and time again we find examples engrained in history. So I say, Go! Let’s go. Pursue your bucket list one item at a time. Set a date for your dream adventure and make it happen. Grab that thing that’s always been just out of reach and take hold. It’s yours and you deserve it.

At the end of the day we can come up with a million reasons why it won’t work. It isn’t realistic, we say. But, if you embrace the nature of being human you will find that our reasons are just excuses. Go! Make it happen – you might just find a new brand of happiness.

Iron & Air, Westbound [Issue 022] is the perfect collection of short stories to inspire. Starting from their home state, Brett & crew travelled over 10,000 miles on motorbike to the American West and captured it to show what’s possible. Grab a copy []. You won’t be disappointed and it just might inspire you to JUST GO.