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An Interview with Corey Fitzgerald, NEM Guide & Co-Owner

Corey Fitzgerald – Mountain Guide, Co-Founder NEM

Corey found his love for mountains at the young age of 8 when he first scaled Mt. Adams in New Hampshire. For the next 16 years he has continued to hike and backpack throughout the country. He found his niche of climbing bigger mountains when he visited Mt Rainier for the first time. He has training as a professional photographer, which has only compounded his love for the outdoors and high places. Corey also enjoys hiking, floating lazy rivers, and any other adventurous activity.

What is your favorite climbing trip of all time?
My favorite climbing trip would have to be our trip to Ecuador. Continue reading

An Interview with Mike Cherim, NEM Guide

Mike Cherim – Mountain Guide, NEM

Mike, a.k.a. NH Tramper, began his hiking career at four-years-old on Mt Washington (Tuckerman Ravine Trail to the summit). He has since hiked the 48 several time (a yearly thing for him) as well as several mountains/ranges outside of New Hampshire (see Climbing Resume below). He is also into other outdoor pursuits such as indoor and outdoor climbing, skiing, backpacking, snowshoeing, fishing, and more. 

What is your favorite climbing trip of all time?
My first trip up Mts Hood and Rainier were pretty amazing. And Mt Shuksan, too. So was End-to-Ending the Long Trail in Vermont. As was leading the upper pitches of Pinnacle Gully. Ski touring the ravines that surround Mt Washington gave me “perma-grin” more than once. Glimpses into my past uncover relics such as feeling cold and crappy atop Mt Fuji, yet being there for sunrise, amazed, peering into an endless crater. Then being wow’d a year later in Japan’s beautiful Minami Alps. And a year after that foolishly hopping the pack ice that crowded the northern-most shores along Hokkaido Island in Japan. Those retrospective glimpses also show me fragments of multiple trips out west during my childhood to places like the floor of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. In my twenties I explored caves, slot canyons, and craggy spires of rock in the Dolomites in Italy. It’s all been so much fun. I’m not sure I can offer a favorite. One place or experience doesn’t trump the others for me. Yet, in a way, it does. All of these experiences I’ve been blessed with, which started here (Mt Washington on my own legs at four), have one thing in common: I’ve always come back to the mountains of New Hampshire. My favorite trips here number in the hundreds. Right now I am “redlining” the AMC’s White Mountain Guide (meaning I’m hiking ALL of the trails). At almost 85% complete, these 1440.4 miles of trails have been my new passion. My latest favorite. Continue reading

An Interview With Coby Jacobus, NEM Guide

Coby Jacobus – Mountain Guide, NEM

Coby Jacobus was on skis at 3, hockey skates at 4 and adamant at 5 that he preferred an adventure vacation over Disney World. He began alpine skiing in Vermont but transitioned to back country skiing to enjoy the solitude, challenge and untracked powder. He ran Division I cross-country and track at UNH and began enjoying the mountain year round upon graduation. His enthusiasm for the mountains is infectious. Coby enjoys big days in the backcountry, whether it’s linking several ravines in a single day on alpine touring skis, long mountain trail runs or multi pitch rock climbs. Nothing gives him more pleasure though than having his dog Miss Gracie enjoy these experiences with him.

What is your favorite climbing trip of all time?
Since I am a skier who climbs I am going to say it was a ski trip. In 2005 I skied the Haute Route from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland. It was life changing! Continue reading