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The Importance of Wilderness Medicine

In my climbing career I have been lucky enough to walk away from even the worst falls with only minor cuts, scrapes, bruises and sprains. Your first thought after reading that sentence might be “oh, well thats just because nothing bad has ever happened to you”. I am going to prove that wrong right now; I have taken multiple 40 foot whippers, I have punted off the top of highball boulder problems and landed on my back, I missed a pad one time in J-tree and landed fully on my elbow directly on to rock from 7 feet up, and my personal favorite, a ground fall from five clips up. So yes, I have had my share of bad things happen to me, and I am incredibly lucky to still be climbing today.

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Mountains in Motion

In 2014 I took a trip out west with the aim of climbing three significant mountains: Hood, Rainier, and Shuksan. The trip was a success and two of those peaks — Hood and Rainier — were climbed again less than a year later. We climbed in July last year, but in June this year. Changes were noted as a result of this and other factors. Some of the changes were significant. And that is the inspiration for this article.

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