Frequently Asked Questions about Kyrgyzstan

Is Kyrgyzstan Safe?

Yes. The people of Kyrgyzstan are extremely friendly. We partner with a local travel agency to ensure a smooth and safe trip. We will base ourselves out of local home-stays. The locals are very accommodating to foreigners.

Do I need to purchase additional insurance?

Yes. You can purchase rescue insurance policy from the American Alpine Club for $45. Additionally, we highly recommend that you purchase trip insurance. In the case where you trip is cut short, this is how you will get a full refund. Global Rescue is a wonderful resource for insurance as well.

Do I need to bring extra medications?

Yes. You should bring basic medications in addition to any prescriptions that you need. Consider bringing a small kit with Ibuprofen, Tums, Ant-Acids, etc.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes. Boiled water is available at the home-stays. We do recommend that you bring or purchase chlorine tablets or a Steri-pen to ensure that the water is potable.

Are showers available?

Showers are available at the home-stay

Should I bring any luxuries?

We recommend that you bring a designated change of warm, comfy clothes for lounging around the home-stay. We won’t have a lot of down time but you will want to be comfortable when we do.