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The Best Reason to Climb Mount Jefferson this winter!




Access the inaccessible. We are thrilled to bring Snowmobile access mountaineering to New Hampshire! In the northeast we rely on snow machines to get around when the snow flies abundantly. This adventure taps into our tradition and makes the inaccessible climbs accessible. We combine the high-speed fun of snowmobiling with the exhilaration of climbing above tree line in the White Mountains in winter. After a 7 mile Snowmobile ride we access Caps Ridge Trail to the summit of Mount Jefferson. Enjoy isolation and the trail to yourself on this adventure.

After the climb, return to the snowmobiles for a return ride back to the parking lot.

This adventure is uniquely provided by Northeast Mountaineering! Don’t delay and register today!


Climbing Ecuador’s Volcanoes

Mountaineering attracts an eclectic mix of people from weekend thrill-seekers to hardcore life-long adventurers. They travel to — even enjoy — some of the coldest and highest places on the planet. Why do they do it?


— An Excerpt —



The Highlands of Ecuador would be hard to describe without a mention of volcanoes. They occupy the skyline, the local history, even the original recipe for traditional ice cream.

unspecified-2Volcanoes’ prominence in Ecuador’s landscape is exceeded only by their place in local folklore. Stories scatter the landscape. Spanish conquistadors established their first fort on the slopes of a crater near Volcan Cayambe and the earliest forms of local ice cream — so the legend goes at least — were made from ice harvested from the upper slopes of Cotopaxi. At over 19,000 feet, that’s not exactly a short walk to Baskin & Robbins.

We were in Ecuador to attempt climbs on two of the country’s highest volcanoes—Cayambe, 18,996 feet high, and Antisana, a more technically difficult climb at 18,714 feet. Our group included two New Yorkers, three Washingtonians, and a lone Texan. Between the six of us, we each had our own reasons to be there, but we all wanted an adventure.



Guided Climbing: Ecuador Volcanoes

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Single Day, Super-Extended Pemi Loop – a lesson in suffering


Dawn breaks at Bondcliff, 2.5 hours into the loop.

Dawn breaks at Bondcliff, 2.5 hours into the loop.

At long last, Andrew finally came from from the PCT last Friday. When I talked to him earlier in the week, we both figured out that we wanted to have a big day over the weekend, so we figured we’d tackle the Super-Extended Pemi Loop. This loop is the standard Extended Pemi, plus Zealand, Hale, and North Twin. We weren’t quite sure of the mileage or elevation gain, but we knew it would be 40+ with well over 12,000′, so we decided to do it with a goal of 16 hours. Continue reading